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the ravine

a short film by Annabel Graham




THE RAVINE is an award-winning short film written and directed by Annabel Graham. It was produced by Rachel Gray and stars Annabel Graham, Augie Duke, Cliff Potts and Nathan Keyes. It is based on a short story by Annabel Graham, published in Cosmonauts Avenue Issue 1.3 (January 2015), and inspired by true events.


The film had its world premiere in May 2016 at the Cannes Short Film Corner. It went on to screen at the Independent Filmmakers Showcase (IFS) Film Festival in June 2016, where it won Best Mystery Short and Best Actress in a Short Film (Annabel Graham), and the Malibu International Film Festival in November 2016, where it won the Special Jury Award. The film also screened in December 2016 at the HollyShorts Monthly Screening Series

poster design and artwork  ©  Annabel Graham, 2015.

poster design and artwork © Annabel Graham, 2015.



When two teenage girls find themselves in a peculiar circumstance, they face the enchantment and danger of the isolated canyon they call home.

Annabel Graham (L) and Augie Duke in a scene from "The Ravine."

Annabel Graham (L) and Augie Duke in a scene from "The Ravine."

Isabel (Annabel Graham) and Lola (Augie Duke) have been best friends since childhood. It’s the summer between their senior year of high school and their freshman year of college, and the world is theirs for the taking. Driving home from a night out in Hollywood, the girls come upon an eerie and unsettling occurrence in the canyon where they grew up. As time begins to run out, Lola snaps into action and Isabel is drawn into memories of her late father and the ghost  stories he used to tell her about their canyon when she was a little girl.

Amelia Whitehead in a scene from "The Ravine."

Amelia Whitehead in a scene from "The Ravine."

"The Ravine" tells the story of a young woman grappling with change in every sense of the word. It is a tale of innocence, sensuality, loss and nostalgia  of the unshakable bond between two childhood friends, the unpredictable forces of nature, and the relationship between a larger-than-life father and the daughter who idolized him. It is an ode to the volatile landscape of Malibu’s stunning Las Flores Canyon and a tribute to Annabel Graham’s late father, film director William A. Graham (1926-2013).

Nathan Keyes (L) and Annabel Graham in a scene from "The Ravine."

Nathan Keyes (L) and Annabel Graham in a scene from "The Ravine."





Annabel Graham is a writer, photographer, filmmaker and artist. Born and raised in Malibu, California, she attended Phillips Academy Andover and graduated magna cum laude from NYU's Gallatin School of Individualized Study with a B.A. in Aesthetic Philosophy and a minor in French. Prior to beginning her freelance career, she worked in production and development for Saturday Entertainment and in editorial for Interview Magazine and The Paris ReviewHer fiction and poetry have appeared in CutBankCosmonauts Avenue, Corium MagazineAtticus Review and Eunoia Review, among others. Her essays and journalism have appeared in Autre Magazine, Surface Magazine, Malibu Magazine, and Out of Order MagazineHer photographs have been exhibited at the Los Angeles Center of Photography, and have appeared in Le Nouvel ObsBullett Magazine, Autre Magazine and CLES. A finalist for the 2015 Montana Prize in Fiction and the 2015 SLS-Disquiet Literary Prize, she is the assistant fiction editor of No Tokens Journal and a contributing editor at Autre Magazine. In Fall 2017, she will begin her MFA in Fiction at NYU's Graduate Creative Writing Program. She is currently at work on a novel, and is also developing the screenplay for her first feature film. Visit her personal website here.


Rachel Gray


Rachel Gray is a Malibu native who received her BFA in Photography at the University of Washington.  Upon graduating, Rachel studied under acclaimed documentary filmmaker and photographer Phil Borges in Kathmandu, Nepal.  She followed a medical team to rural villages, filming burn victims from Nepal’s poorest populations. After completing this project, she felt compelled to pursue a career in filmmaking. When Rachel traveled to India in 2013, a young woman was gang-raped and died in Delhi. The event made international news and triggered mass protests.  She documented the nation’s reaction to this tragedy and created a short film, later endorsed by actress and activist Olivia Wilde. The film was picked up by One Billion Rising, a movement to end gender violence. Rachel believes that stories have the power to change the world, and brings her passion and enthusiasm to her career as a producer and filmmaker. She currently works as a studio production coordinator for Universal Television at NBC Universal, and runs her own freelance photography business, Rachel Gray Media. Visit her personal website here

Cliff Potts


Cliff Potts is most noted for his role as John Wolf in Douglas Trumbull's 1972 cult science fiction film Silent Running, starring Bruce Dern. He has had over sixty starring and supporting roles and guest appearances in film and episodic television series, including The Name of the Game, Once an Eagle, Big HawaiiAlfred Hitchcock Presents, Dallas, Murder She Wrote and Star Trek: The Fifth Generation. He portrayed John Brooke in Little Women (1978), and also starred in several of William A. Graham's films, including Magic Carpet (1972), Cry for me, Billy (1972), and Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (1983).





From moody goth (Gravity) to mean girl (Bad Kids Go To Hell) to her recent role as a robber (Teenage Bank Heist), Augie Duke has proven her alacrity towards roles that carry more risk and variance than your average young starlet. Born into an artistic Los Angeles family, the pursuit of acting seemed like a natural fit for Duke, whose career has blossomed significantly over the past four years in both TV and cinema. Her projects have been aimed at teens, gamers, and the middle aged alike, which is just a testament to her ability to appeal to a variety of genres. Recent film and television credits include Spring (opposite Lou Taylor Pucci and Nadia Hilker), The Badger Game, The Mentalist and Awaken (opposite Daryl Hannah and Edward Furlong).


Nathan Keyes



Nathan Keyes was born in Washington, D.C. and raised in York, Pennsylvania. After graduating in 2004, Keyes moved to Los Angeles, where he started working as a graphic designer and photographer of CD covers. Meanwhile, he studied acting with coach Stephanie Feury. He landed a recurring role on ABC Family's Three Moons Over Milford, and has guest starred on shows including CBS's Numb3rs, ABC's No Ordinary Family, and Glee. Keyes' film credits include Ben 10: Alien Swarm, The Good Doctor, The Key, Anatomy of the Tide and The Kings of Summer. In 2014, he wrote, directed and produced an experimental theatre piece entitled Nobody's Darling at Stephanie Feury Studio Theatre in Los Angeles. Recent film credits include Dr. Del, starring John Hawkes and Chloe Sevigny, JL Ranch, starring Jon Voight and James Caan, and Lifetime's Britney, in which he stars as Justin Timberlake opposite Natasha Bassett's Britney Spears.

Greg arch


Greg Arch received his Bachelor of Science degree in Psychobiology from the University of California at Davis, then moved to France to study Cinematography at the International Film School of Paris. Putting as much emphasis into understanding the emotions of each moment of story as to refining his technical skills, he spent two years working his way up in the camera and electrical departments on the sets of short films, music videos, fashion and lifestyle clips, art films, and features. Backed by his experiences with international filmmakers and a continuous drive to develop his craft, Greg moved to Los Angeles in late 2014, where he established FilmSteadi and works as a cinematographer and Steadicam operator. 

JEFFERSON "Zuma Jay" Wagner



Jefferson Wagner, also known as Zuma Jay, is a Malibu local who wears many hats, to say the least. Perhaps best known as a famed surfboard designer with his own legendary shop in downtown Malibu, Wagner is also a Hollywood stuntman and a practical effects specialist. He was the Marlboro Man for seven years. He was on the Malibu City Council and has a degree in law. He does E.O.D. (Explosive Ordinance Disposal) for the U.S. Navy, and is also an author with a book at the Library of Congress. Wagner has worked in many different capacities on countless films and television series, including Into the Wild, Inferno, Riot, L.A. Heat, Flags of Our Fathers and Firetrap. 





Beginning his career in the film, television and recording industries in 1974, Boardman has consistently worked at the top echelon of the entertainment industry, receiving an Academy Award nomination for The Color Purple, 6 Emmy Awards, 13 Emmy nominations, ASCAP and BMI awards and multiple platinum records for work with such iconic artists as Quincy Jones, David Foster, Steven Spielberg, Julie Andrews, Shirley MacLaine, Barbra Streisand, Marvin Hamlisch and Josh Groban. Well-known in Hollywood circles as one of a handful of musicians who can literally write anything, Boardman’s credits span both industry and genre. Whether it be conducting David Foster’s World Children’s Day for television, composing the 70’s inspired score for Mel Gibson’s Payback, arranging period dance music for Swing Kids and Meet Joe Black, orchestrating Chaplin for Broadway or releasing and producing solo recordings as an artist, Boardman embraces these challenges with characteristic integrity and passion making him one of the most uniquely versatile and highly respected musicians in the industry. Boardman also composed the scores for a number of William A. Graham's films, including A Friend to Die For, Blood Crime, Acceptable Risk, Sleeping With the Devil and The Hunt for the Unicorn Killer.






Born and raised in Los Angeles, Heather Porcaro is a recording artist, composer and music producer. In 2011, Porcaro released her debut album, Heather Porcaro & the Heartstring Symphony, from which numerous songs have been featured in film and television. While continuing live performances, Porcaro is currently recording a new studio album. In 2014, she produced and directed several notable music videos, including Toto’s “Orphan” and Lea Dou’s “My Days.”

screenings & events

Augie Duke (L) and Annabel Graham in a scene from "The Ravine." 

Augie Duke (L) and Annabel Graham in a scene from "The Ravine." 



June 2, 2016: World premiere of "The Ravine" at ifs film festival. 6:00pm at the laemmle music hall 3. Beverly hills, Ca.


may 26, 2016: ifs film festival awards ceremony & red carpet. "BEST MYSTERY SHORT," "BEST ACTRESS IN A SHORT FILM" (ANNABEL GRAHAM). 5:30pm at pacific theatres at the grove. los Angeles, ca.


may 19, 2016: first official screening of "the Ravine" at festival de cannes short film corner. 3:30pm in palais h, level 3 of palais des festivals. cannes, france.